On Sundays We Think About Mondays through Fridays, and Anxiously Await Saturdays

I often wonder why I feel a certain amount of anxiety on Sundays. And then I realize that Sundays are the promise of a new week of business, networks of communications, contacts to ventures, and the hustle and bustle of a new week in general. Do we like it? We like the activity and what it brings to our lives, don't we? But Sundays should be the reprieve from Saturday: the day of contemplation.

There is this unspoken, unconscious sense on Sunday that some things will be brought forward into the week, we are yet unprivy to.

Anyone remember the movie, "Castaway" where Tom Hanks' character is on an island alone for a very long time, and when he finally returns to his old life, he finds that his fiancee has married someone else, and has had children, and he is left to re-start (alone!) his life.

The one line that struck me profoundly  is when he explains to his friend his new perspective on life, and Hanks says, "I think I am looking forward to tomorrow, in spite of this terrible setback, for who knows what tomorrow will bring?" (paraphrased) That statement was so touching because it exemplifies our sense of hope in all our tomorrows regardless of any failures or successes for what has past. For me, I sense that hope of "who knows what tomorrow may bring?" and by the end of the week, I sense the closing of another experience to be contemplated on Saturday to retreat to such a contemplation.

How wonderful it all seems at times. At other times, it seems like birth pains of a new life being born on Sunday.

This week, anticipate a new beginning, save every detail for Saturday, and contemplate for the next new birth of the next week beyond, then REST of Sunday.


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