A New Day's A-Comin!

Thanks to the "economic crisis" in the media (which is probably a trick anyway, for the rich that own the media; to get richer, and the poor to stay there!), I've become even more cynical than I ever was.

Now, I peer out the window at the hellish heat and think about conspiracy theories, "is this blistering heat purposely enhanced to suffocate the old, agitate the young, and keep everyone distracted while "they" hoard more fun & games? (They, being those who are busily spending all the money we don't have!) or is nature's interactivity with humans simply coming to full circle for ME-- like an eclipse of the sun--as it did for my parents, their parents before them, and others before them! There is something to be said about wisdom, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to show up until you have life experience and observe your history, contemplate it, and make assessment of all that happened in the world while you were a part of it...What the heck is she talking about, you say? Well...

I am just beginning to see the crust of the moon over the ocean, the sun coming up on the eastern sky, and realizing that I don't get to stay for the next round... Well...maybe another round, but certainly not two! The Baby Boomers are finally coming to an end, those who have been accused of leading in brave defiance at first, then greeding & hoarding second, then, bleeding on everyone's parade as they aged and occupied too much space for the young ones to get on with the show... Is there anything good the Baby Boomers will be leaving behind for the youth of today to learn from? (Then again: will the youth ever learn anything as they think they already know it all?) Remember, GenY is apathetic about the old because those snobby media BBs taught them to disrespect everyone! But I think we may have believed those media hogs too, once...so we can't be THAT hard on you younguns...There is one thing, though, I can say.

Generation X, Y, & Z, please remember, the Baby Boomers of which you have read about, gleaned somewhat from, and become disturbed by, are NOT the real baby boomers in the greater of the population, and certainly not ALL of them, but those bullies were only a small deviant population; only the ones in the media; the rich BBs that sucked dry the economy, not the regular Baby Boomers that lived just like any other generation. There really ARE good BBs out there (I'm one of them!)

Whenever you think of Baby Boomers, don't allow the media to think for you and make you think of them anymore as pincher bugs or suckers (the wealthy ones may be, but the majority are not). They just happened to have a large bumper crop, and now you have a smaller one, but there are good people in that crop you need to learn more from. Stop listening to the media, which you suckled upon, and start listening to REAL Baby Boomers--the ones that lived regular lives, and worked hard, and gave their all. Get to know their true values, their ideals, their principles, and the ones that have hope and solid foundational belief systems, then learn those, and you will do fine--you will even do better than the BBs who are passing. And for God's sake, stop complaining that they used all the resources, and use your own creativity to be inventive--it's called the human spirit!


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