Take a trip around the Pacific Ocean rim, just below the Malibu Hills, somewhere between Oxnard and Point Dume, the sky a shade lighter than the sea; an occasional Cliff Swallow alighting upon its nest, bringing its offspring sustenance, while it sits upon the craggy black rocks, as though looking back at me. Look upon this scene and thoroughly ingest the view of the ocean's natural landscape.

But oh, how deadly the sea can be. You may not want to be there during an oceanic quake which could set off the waters rearing and pouncing upon any unsuspecting inhabitants driving that rim, very closely set by its presence. If you saw that happening, would you rescue anyone? Would you be a help in someone else's time of need and salvation?

The ocean's blue waters should not be confused with its pitch depths that one does not live too long to experience once captured by it. There is darkness beneath the beauty on the surface. One must be careful how to approach those that seem fine on the outside, but given the right circumstances, the depth of harrowing darkness looms within, and disaster, mayhem, and even death can evolve in matters of seconds.

Speaking in general about people. No one knows what lies beneath the sea of emotions of any one person; no one knows what someone may be going through, or has gone through, that may create a vast dark place within the soul. It is a serious matter how we all approach one another, though there are times for jest and good fellowship, there are also times when we should be sensitive to the signs and gestures some may give off, and even sometimes, not give directly. How do we know then? We know by the posture, the choice of language, the actions and reactions, the history, the prior behavior patterns--just like that sea--when we should consider carefully our approach and what we should do about it.

I am deeply, deeply saddened and in despair over the 6 month old baby girl that was beaten, raped repeatedly, and thrown against walls & ceilings, until she finally died. SIX MONTHS OLD!! This freak of a circumstance happened at the hands of her mother, her uncle, and her mother's boyfriend. How could this happen? Didn't anyone notice any weird happenings with the mother? The uncle? Didn't anyone wonder about the behavior of these people before, or had anyone not seen some strange occurrences prior to this horrendous event? I am saddened, sickened, and distraught for that child, and thank God now, that she is out of that horrible tumultuous sea of evil which she happened to be born into--though I cannot fathom why it had to happen at all... But by being born to the wrong people, being given to the wrong mother and uncle, and being subjected to such ill human animals to do so horrific a thing, she was the scapegoat to their evil, their madness, their hatred and anger toward someplace, someone, something elsewhere....

The little angel, the tiny 6-month old human miracle...is now resting with the angels and is finally given the peace, and surrounded by the beauty of heaven, she so richly deserved as a baby.

She should not have EVER experienced such a thing! That child should NEVER have experienced such evil upon her! We HAVE to somehow change this world from its evil ways! Whenever there is a quake of some kind (loss of work, divorce, fight between siblings, wrongful cut-off in your car, loss of real estate or stock, etc.) we must force the effort and assure that no backlash, or reactions within the nature of those who experience the tumult, occurs (child abuse, murder, cruelty to animals). We must find a way to stop any Tsunami that goes further than the quake, and that those who are so sick with hatred and anger, can find some way to go to some place and get help.

GET HELP. Such simple words, by so difficult for some. And just where do we get this HELP when the world is so busy dealing with their own greed (Oh I lost my home, so I will kill my child), huh? Most people can't even confront small issues with others, like "I hate the way you laugh at me, when I stutter," or "You hurt my feelings when you call me a fat pig," or those kinds of "small" events undealt with, that we allow to last for years and that we allow to grow as leeches on our souls...

We MUST learn to confront any and every thing that is NOT healthy and each person defines differntly what IS or IS not healthy, so we must learn about this, too! WE MUST stop worrying about the small stuff--yes, it IS all small stuff, when compared to this child dying in silence, by the hands of those who should have been protecting her. I can't stop seeing that precious little girl's face in my mind's eye. I will ever be affected by that quake in the lives all around that event, and the little life that was lost at sea.


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