First Snow

First Snow of the Season
I awoke earlier than usual, not sure why. I was in a warm and cuddly mood, but I got up, put my socks & boots on to take the dogs out for their morning "outlet."

What do you know: first snow. The dogs have never experienced snow, as we have come to live here for the first time. They hesitated for a moment, looked at the white cold frostiness all over the ground, then proceeded as usual...amazing.

I loved it. It didn't seem that cold (I was wearing a heavy animal jacket; that could be why.) Everything looked so CLEAN. The trees haven't been completely covered, but it's snowing as I write, and I suspect it won't be long before they turn white as well.

I love the elements that make this world change seasonally. It reminds us that to EVERYTHING there is a season, and seasons pass, too. How simply glorious! I think I'll drink a cup of coffee, and practice my singing repetoire, then work on my book. Have a Blessed Day!


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