A Writer's Home Office (and Colleagues)

I am trying to preserve my sanity in being continually alone in my little home while writing. I am actually quite a social being, but being a writer does not afford me much of that part of my personality.

For one thing, I'm unusually intense. if I'm writing I can't be bothered with anything else. NOTHING! So the object of this blog is to tell you how I manage somewhat of a "social" atmosphere in the privacy of my solitude, whenever I feel a bit stircrazy.

First, a writer has to make a space. I have two bedrooms: a "master bedroom" and a "guest" room which I have turned into an office. The two bedrooms are opposite sides of the condo, so neither obstruct or distract the other....So let's talk about my "space for writing."

I've created my office in the "guest" room, which can still actually work as a guest room, since it has a couch on the opposite side (which we'll see later), but for now and as long as I'm in this condo, this is the office. I've set it up to view the outside patio, for inspiration, as all you writer's understand we need.

And so, you can see how it is quite comfortable.
Part of a writer's comfort is to be visited once in a while by colleagues. So I have visitors who are silent, but their presence felt nonetheless.

Alfie is the oldest of the group. An 11 yr. old black furry cat. Alfie loves to tease the two dogs I own as well, because he's bigger, and because he's in need of another feline companion. But only two pets are allowed. I just couldn't give him away, so he sleeps in (and pretty much owns) the office when I am asleep at night. I leave a "peek-a-boo" area on my desk and the window vertical slats partially open so he can watch for strange critters in the middle of the night!

And then there is Edison, who is going on 7 yrs old. He is feisty to say the least. He and Alfie do not "play" as they are both males and seem to believe each as the king of the roost. They walk carefully around each other.

And Finally, there is Chloe: the love of Edison's life (though he is quite cruel at times to this lovely little canine--who is somewhat mentally challenged). Chloe loves Alfie, and they frolic often. Edison merely overlooks them, but in the end of the day, both Chloe and Edison sleep undisturbed in the "master" bedroom closet together, as Alfie sleeps in the office.
So now you've met my colleagues.
These dear friends are who egg me on to continue my writing. They sit and gaze at me night and day. They paw at me whenever they need to eat or take a little walk out back. Sometimes they even bid me take a nap and we all hop up on the giant bed: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
No matter, they are valuable to me, as you can see....And they are inspirational.
The next thing about a 'comfortable office' is the view a writer needs to be able to take once in a while.
I have purposely situated my desk so that it looks out onto the patio, where I can see as well the mountains passed my carport (and the gas meter man or the mailman).
You, dear reader, cannot see the beautiful view as well as I can, but I will note the view here in pictures for you.

By the time I finish explaining to you about my lovely office I have now to tell you the bad news: I'm moving...Yes.

I hate moving, and I especially hate leaving my office after I've got it just right.

It seems, unfortunately though, that I have been moving only too often of late.

I make a beautiful office, but can never stay long enough to actually finish and publish my work in it!

Such is my life for the past two years. A transitory shambles. Thus I move until I can find the place in which I will finally be able to settle.

The coming move will take me quite far from this place and it pains me to make another move altogether as this will be my fifth in the last two years. Furthermore, the next one coming is only temporary as well.

This does not seem a like a plausible, nor a professional thing for a writer to do when in my case I want so much to FINISH!!!

However, it is something that has to be done. After the "temporary" place, I hope to be in a "permanent" one (wherever a teaching job will be nearing and accepting me on staff).

I'm good at creating a posh and comfortable place to write. In fact, I thought perhaps I have missed my true calling and I should be a writer's designer instead. Oh well....

When I get to my "permanent home" I shall do create once again, the office in which I will stay (I pray!)

For now, I continue as I am, and I hope to finish and get published soon, so that my "permanent" home can occur more quickly and I can continue and FINISH writing!

Love to all! Keep close please (and if I publish, please buy my book, I guarantee you it will be entertaining no matter what kind it is!)
Such is the life of a Writer....


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