The Devil is Already Here

The Devil is Already Here
by Lydia Nolan
© 04/05/11

For purposes unbeknownst to my readers, I am going to allow my friend, Jeb Grace use my platform this morning, and I will report it for his sake, to all the people who may be interested in reading it.

From Jeb Grace:

Hi Lydia. I wanted to take this moment to write about some things that have been bothering me. I will put it in the form of a human being who I won't mention by name, who needs to VENT as well, as I need to WARN during this discussion.

Our modern world is techno-conscious more than anything else. You know it. !Phones, Usbs, BlueRay, new improved television, computer, radio, etc., etc.: you name it, we've got it technologically running...

On the other hand, our moral, ethical reasoning, spiritual origins have become regressive almost to disappearance. We are much more intuned to EVIL, SPOOKY, GORE, mischievous behavior, watching videos of bullying, girls fighting, pornographic titilations, come on.....are you blind? You know what I'm talking about, you can pretend all you want, but you know...deep inside: you know.

Ms. Joy Grace: When I was a child, my mother would remind me that the world was simply not fair, and that the result of the world we lived in was to be blamed upon the devil (little D intended). I remember thinking, how sad to be hated by so many people, so much. I even felt sorry for the devil in many ways. He was misunderstood, couldn't help himself, he felt neglected, anonymously used, secondary to his colleagues, treated without the rightful height he should have been, and so on and so forth....yes: I felt sorry for the devil.

As I grew older, I was too busy attemping to follow "the other side." I would read the Bible regularly, do what was considered right, never cheat, always wait my turn, never ask for more than I needed, never pushed in front of anyone who I thought might not be as "passionate" about something as I, nor "creative," because they deserved a chance as well. I would do everything I was told, took all the criticism given, used all the criticism to strive to be better, and so on and so forth. 

60 years later, I am still trying to make peace with the powers that be: but just when one gets a chance to shine, suddenly, one finds oneself discriminated against for not knowing the right people, coming from the right place, going to the right schools, having a funny laugh, or being too short or tall, or being too old, too fat, too ugly, too dense, too socially inept, too brown, black, yellow, poor, too uneducated, too simple, too unpopular, too untrendy, and on and on and interesting...there is only a very small portion of any of the best goods to a small portion of the PERFECTLY qualified few...

Mr. Hopeless : I've been thinking that I should look for a good lawyer to represent me on my student loans. Now that I've got the bill and must pay it, I can't because I can't find even a job with all the many credentials I've racked up because I haven't any of the above 'credentials' Ms. Grace spoke about. Those are after all, the real qualifications. The icing on the cake today was when I tried to use my screenwriting software that had come to me by mail, (opened oddly), and finding out that someone else has registered my product (I paid for), and that I can not utilize the product's resources because "I don't own the productt!!!" Just wanted to try and bring back hope and what happens? My hard saved few hundred dollars while I was in school....What kind of people steal other people's monies, dreams, and joy?

Ms. Grace: I wish I could tell my mom and dad, but instead I'm going to be completely honest here, which is not recognized for the politically correct syndrome to which we've become accustomed.

There is only one reason why the world is not fair. Because those that try to be upstanding and honest, show integrity and patience in the system and are true believers in their parents, their God, and their good intentions--while being so--are also laying down ans TAKING IT: being spoon fed these instructions of "wait, be patient, don't be pushy, wait until someone calls you..." while those OTHERS who have no qualms about cheating, stealing, murdering, taking advantage of others, accounting for what is not their doing if it turns out good, and not admitting those things that turn out bad; these others are always with you. They are the ones that "get a job by knowing someone" or "taking stuff from the company because they've given their time to it" or "cheating on their taxes because big brother gets too much of their hardearned money" or they sleep with their friends spouse because their friend doesn't take care of the spouse right anyway, the spouse SAYS so" or "they took the extra change or steal the shirt or blouse without mentioning the mistake or having empathy on the employee that will probably lose their job" or . .. do I need to go on?

Mr. Hopeless: I'd also like to add something. We have military because we want to try and protect a little space of our own to progress into the country we want to model for the others, but then our own people start to turn on our own government chanting that our government is secretly conspiring against us....(who starts those stories?), which is why we have to pay taxes for those good roads, safe freeways, and the most advanced systems in the world.

WE have policeman and policewomen because we want to make sure the laws of our lands are upheld, but then our citizens look for ways to find weaknesses in those protectors because "they think they're something special," or "who do they think they are; they're just like you and me..." or "did you see that? They hit that person who was stealing or killing, or abusing children, or whatever!"

Ms. Grace: Doesn't anyone notice how we are bringing into fruition the prophetic biblical quote: The good will be evil, and the Evil will be good?

And then it occurred to mom and dad was right: the devil is already here!

He plays the martyr, but he's really very hateful, suspicious, prideful, calculative, manipulative, stubborn, destructive, shrewd, and very, very creative....which is why only the devil can turn things around as the devil has...Evil is Good, Good is Evil.

And then I realized who the DEVIL is: people who hurt other people in any way they can; not because they are thinking about it, but because they are thinking only of themselves, and if someone who is ignorant of the killing game, gets in the way, they are expendable. (No one likes talking about negative things, I know....which only makes us remain oblivious to it...or at least keep it from our conscious minds).

Mr. Hopeless: There is so much to be said about this, and I KNOW that even my few words here will be misconstrued by those woremongers that like to pick apart anyone who is trying to bring good about, and destroy them as well. Maybe it's easier to be quiet and stay out of the limelight; (don't let the devil know where you are, else he finds you and makes 'light' of your plight).

Jeb Grace: Yes, we laugh at those who try and go to church each week, who try to teach honesty, integrity, and so on. We laugh at those same ones who are giving into the pressure and going under through drinking, suicide, catatonia, or whatever they do to forget, to put their head in the sand, to give way to those who HAVE NO CONSCIENCE and don't mind stealing and cheating, and murdering the spirits of those who wait patiently for their portion.

Ms. Grace: The world can NEVER be fair as long as those devil children are running loose around the world. It isn't in us to kill them; that's wrong! But we can stop participating with them....Somehow this whole worldly scenario reminds me of the story "Lord of the Flies." In fact, it is a direct metaphor for what is actually happening in the world today! And it's been going on for too long, which is why it's just getting worse!!

My parents also told me about the Christian rapture, which is just another way of saying those that care will no longer be here participating in the world...the spirit of 'good' will be no longer...

Jeb Grace: When that happens the world will be chaos....! Don't forget: The Devil is Here Already. Stop blaming God, as you might see G-d, or God, or Jesus, (or however your belief system works). Even all those who portrayed the nature of God's goodness through Buddah, or Mohammed, or Ghandi, tried but we go back to omission whenever those guys leave us....

Instead we follow fearfully those who portray the opposite: the Psycho Money Climbing, slimey backbiters that are called corporate or wealthy 'beneficent' people (it's a disguise). They only do just so much to be recognized....just like their father the devil! The World will soon be over as we knew it....It's not G-d's fault, it's yours!

It's ours! It's our faults for saying, doing, nothing. For compromising in order to receive the 30 PIECES OF SILVER ('fake remuneration') that gives us the sense that we have the 'right to live.' We all breathe, we all function--why can't we think about this carefully? Instead we let things go on like Rhuanda, and the Holocaust, and various hateful acts against homosexuals, children, and women by destructive animal type people who no one seems to CARE TO STOP...! We worry more about their rights in prison than we do the ones that got hurt by them!

Ms. Grace: It's time for a revolution, but a quiet reclamation of our righteousness. Maybe we should stop participating in THEIR world, make our own bartering system, help each other, and make a good world reflection, juxtaposed to theirs; THAT would be a rapture indeed!

Do Something RIGHT! Do Something COURAGEOUS, Do Something that gives your weaker brother a chance to believe again. Just DO SOMETHING!!Jeb Grace


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