Okay, I'm cheating....I'm grabbing your attention by "MARKETING" that's what they call it, isn't it?

You use something of interest to the masses, which is now in current events, no matter how low you go, you can play this card, because it attracts people who want to know about the latest scoop on whatever subject you are showcasing (in this case: catastrophes....remember which audience you are trying to attract). And do you have a scoop for them? You'd better.


If you don't have some kind of denoument for your readers after titilating them with your title, they will feel cheated.... Alas!

But! Also remember, that your particular readers are aware of what your blog is entitiled

"The Making of a Writer"

and if you have been strategizing to attract general attention to this title anyway, you know that your readership KNOWS you are a WRITER, and the WRITER has something to say about "TSUNAMIS" or something to this subject affect. So.

From the standpoint of a writer, EVERYTHING qualifies as METAPHOR. The word "Tsunami" is no different. How might a Writer use this "current" [topic] concern for a Writer's own purpose? Let me explain.

I have been on fb (sorry blogspot) for more than a half hour (not normal for me), because I suddently opened Pandora's box (another subject for another day) and suddenly got a mass of informtion. Many people are talking about Tsunamis again, since Japan (awful!) just got hit with another earthquake, and has another warning on yet ANOTHER tsunami, and the whole radioactive thing is building to a grand frenzy in people....I can FEEEL it!!!

There is absolutely no getting around mass hysteria, and it's coming, what: with the mediterranean events going on right now, Israel being bombed, the U.S. setting itself as police EVERYWHERE, but here! Japan, the starving animals: dogs, cats, dying birds, abuse everywhere, especially children, but EVERYWHERE! And on and on and on....People keep trying to keep calm, but it's building.....Again. What is my point? Here it is.

I have had a tsunami building in my brain for a good two years now. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I have been trying to leave one profession to go to another profession, while being subconsciously annoyed by the talents I've had since I was a child, namely singing and songwriting, and writing all genres of stories, as I am a prolific story teller (but no one knows it). But these last years I'd been attending college to start a new career, while allowing my sales career to die a slow death, and now because of the economy, it turns out my educational goals was a bad choice....there ARE NO JOBS in teaching right now, for the newbie. Enter the Tsunami. I am suddenly endowed with a GRAND CONSCIENCE (no longer the subconscience I had mentioned earlier), which threatens to take over my quiet little educational and sales goals and professions at any moment. SOUND THE SIRENS! CALL OUT WARNINGS, EITHER VACATE OR ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES!
Suddenly: I don't much care for the educational credentials and past sales awards I had gotten. Suddenly: I don't care if I EVER can pay my student loans in this lifetime. Suddenly: there is a strange occurrence going on in my brain.... It's making a LOT of tumult, and I can feel the waves getting stronger. My sense of storytelling is flooding my mind, and my sense of songwriting is teaming with it! I am overwhelmed by the many avenues of creativity that I suddenly find laboring and seething and seeping from my subconscience to my conscience, and attempting to explode into a volcanic spew of creation!  I SEE IT TEEMING, WRITHING, ITS BEGINNING SPEWING ONTO THE BEACHES OF LITERATURE!!! AND WHAT IS THE TITLE IN MY BRAIN?
WHEW! What a Convulsion! Now I've gone and done it, haven't I? I've gone and started little fires all around me! Fires I can no longr put out! And the waves of the tsunami are flooding my brain with stories, skits, lyrics, poetry, pictures in Children's books, even....Everything that has to do with WRITING and WRITERS.....It's all coming out of my brain like a fuselage filled with dynamite....and WINGS that are discovered to fly at a tremendous speed, heading right into the TSUNAMI! THAT, my readers/friends, is what I feel is going on in my head right now, and I hope that it is metaphoric enough for you all. I have even had a headache for the last few days....!

Well, getting back to normal...(whew! That was hard...) I want to say just this: I don't know if we'll be here tomorrow, as the world is quite an unsafe place to hang your hat, or in which to get too comfy...but I do know one thing, and that is that we ALL have to keep ourselves busy in the throes of living and catastrophes, and all the crappy wars, and hatreds, and meaningless killings, and angry pestilences....We all have to do what we believe to be contributive (hopefully for the good) to this planet, and I have been spreading myself out like some badmitton net. Sooner or later, it's gonna tear, so it did...Thanks to this economical tsunami looming ahead, I have begun to think about what is really important. It's not selling houses to people who can't afford them, or selling loans to people who lie to get into them. It's not teaching kids who hate the system and take it out on you. It's not getting credentials and education so that someone else can tell you that you are WORTH something. It's being who you authentically are: I'm a Writer. I Write to tell, I write to encourage, to make others feel hope, love, empathy, compassion. I have to do this, it's in my soul, my brain, and my fingers and mouth, to tell you a story, and give you my opinion....It's all I can do to keep from exploding into billions of pieces.
So let me see. I am unemployed at present, and I am stocked with credentials, for WHAT, only G-D knows; but I am here. I am here, and I have a brain-thank G-D, and one that thinks!! And by some unknowingly random chance or calling, or spiritual beneficence, I have been given a job to do. I don't know if anyone will ever pay me for it. I hope I am able to live with it, and by it, but I have to do it. I AM A WRITER.


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