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Morning Pages, Exerpts, and Projects in the Workings...
Copywright 2011

I've got a new project going, International Books Cafe, and it will be an E-Magazine as well as a Real Magazine soon. You can find it at:
A typical zine with interesting articles, book reviews, author interviews, quips, anecdotes, games, and interesting little facts about trivia of the literary types. But the wonderful thing is that members get to throw their two-cents in anytime they like on Facebook. Once International Books Cafe is on the radar with its own website, it will not necessarily be the same thing, but while it isn't yet of its own power, Facebook will ablidge very nicely, and create, for the beginning of its birth, a consistent following I think. You be the judge. Go visit it, "like" it and become a party of interest. Hopefully, we will be able to eventually create all sorts of things, like anthologies, poetry section, excerpts of writers' stories, and the like.
Here's another tidbit. There will be an enrollment of a class which I will instruct called "An Artist's Way," and one of the lessons to begin with is the lesson of "Morning Pages." This little exercise makes participants do some... well, alot of writing early in the morning, before you can think about it. That's what I'm doing right now! It clears the passages of your mental sinuses (including your physical sinuses) and makes way for'll see, if you join my class.

I'll be presenting it on and there is a small fee (only because there is a fee to use the meetup system online) but it will be minimal, such as $5 per week and lesson inclusive.

By the time one finishes though they will be GREAT at whatever they do; it's not just for writers, but it's for illustrators, artists, playwrights, contractors, doctors, lawyers, anyone who want to ignite and expand their creativity to help them achieve a higher rpm in their pursuits. If you are a part, you will LOVE it.

And don't forget: we're working on finding a venue for open mic for poets and authors to read and perform their work. As soon as I know where, we will be there! Thanks for listening this beautiful morning, and don't forget: A writer writes--always!  


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