Who's your Editor of the Month? Gotta Love'er!

  You want me to play...
Helen Mirren?   Hmmmm... this could lead to being famous: or at least, wealthy! (I make a mean English accent, and I can stay out of the sun for a while...)
Or, perhaps I can be made to play an aged Natalie Wood, you say? Had she lived through her 50s to 60s? (I could pass for Russian...)

I’d much rather BE the old Red-headed, wild child of the 60s, NO English accent, NO Hollywood make-up, and a mixed-breed, Native American Frontier Bawdiness that would make a snake quiver!
This is REAL America, People !
Meet Wild Horse Woman !
L. Nolan-Ruiz, Editor
International Books Cafe 

Every editor has a slant when it comes to their magazine, and this one isn't any different. Find out where this one will take you, how you can make a difference in it, and when it comes out, where you can contribute. Coming 2012!


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