Rhymes and Scales

Rhymes and Scales and Puppy Dog Tails For Children
By L. Nolan
© December 29, 2011

I got Babybear with me, and a boobie-trap tree, 
I got Pappie’s chewing gum, and my Pookie dog’s flea
And don't let me forget the Babies --- THREE! 

So now I need a scardy cat bee, 
And a Pinkie doll to play with me. 
And then I'll set the snow on the edge of night. 
And then the sun will shine in the dark, dark sky. 

And I will laugh throughout the foggy next day 
As I pack for my trip to the chocolate Milky Way 
To practice all my rhymes and music scales
And for amusement pull puppy dog tails,

So I'm on my journey, I’m on my way 
To the land of chocolate on the Milky Way. 
But we're stopping first to salute Earth Day,
So the place where I'll be is the Morro Bay. 


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