Good-bye Golden Girl...R.I.P.

Good bye, Golden Girl…

I feel so badly about Whitney Houston’s death. It isn’t because she is better than any other human being that died of drugs or alcohol, or both. It isn’t that the drug and alcohol abuse is more devastating only because of who she was, but that with all her talent, and all her potential she could have allowed to go on, she had to die as a poster child for drugs and alcohol abuse at the end of her life, instead of anything else.
Yet, she has put a celebrity’s face (once again as many have in the past) to the horrendous realization of all those who have died because of drugs and/or alcohol, and any abuse we all may potentially succumb to while on our journey in life.
This is tragic. The travesty does not end there in fact. Now her little girl has to live with this legacy her mother has left her, as well as her dad’s history, but yet again, like so many children who are born into this world only to carry for parents  legacies of failure, sorrow and despair, in spite of success, riches, and fame.
Good-bye Golden Girl, as the song from Stevie Wonder was so fittingly sung…


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