I'm on a rampage today, why? Because it is always brewing inside me, only I take care to submerge my true feelings, since they are not "politically correct" in a world ruled by a lot of phonies.

What got me going was this article I read today, about the man who was accidentally executed in prison, being the wrong man.

What irks me about the world is that it is driven by pride, convention, and greed. Does that sound negative to you? Sorry I cannot appease, but that is the very thing I am talking about here--appeasement and the artificiality of the entire human race.

We like to stroke everyone with niceties, like "oh the human race, we are so wonderful, kind, giving, and heroic..." But we don't like to hear the negative things about ourselves, like "Oh the human race, we are so gluttonous, greedy, apathetic to others' pains and sorrows, and murderous in spirit as well as body..." Oh no. Those kinds of is too negative a thought. Yes, it is...but we could eradicate those uglies about us with honest opened admittance of those negatives, so we can work to change them.  Instead, we pretend that those things are only found in criminals--not the regular population. Where do you think those "criminals" come from? They come from "the regular population."

This business of "not stepping on toes" is a facade for the human beings that just want to suck the life out of everyone, but in secret--where do you think the ideology of vampirism comes from?


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