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"Black Sun" Book Three of the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash................................only $.99 on Kindle!

Author Frank Fiore, of Cyber Kill, has proven once again his exceptional talent as a fast-paced, adventurous storyteller of mischief, mayhem, deception and international intrigue in the arrival of his new book Black Sun. Nothing short of exciting can describe this plot, which instills movie images between National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code, and you know what powerful leading men those two movies attracted! Here comes Jeremy Nash.
Our own Jeremy Nash, the protagonist of Black Sun, will have to be someone just as extraordinary when it reaches the big screen, because Fiore has created the quintessential accidental hero archetype that we all know and love, and leaves a lasting impression on us.
Fiore is not only a skilled and fast-paced writer of adventurous conspiracy theory, but now he has weaved another conspiracy intrigue of international AND historical proportions in the Black Sun. It is one of those books that you must NOT put down, for any lull in time or distraction in pages will set you back to revisit the last part read. Why? Because there are little nuances that describe various states, characters, and intentions, that only a thorough reading will do. Yet, in all its twists and turns, it is a fast-paced read indeed. What I admire most in Fiore’s style is his ability to change from one location and time to another in successive rapidity. One almost feels one is moving just as quickly right alongside the characters.
Fiore has created a fantastic main character whose name is Jeremy Nash (even the name is casual and cynical), who is casual and cynical! But although Nash never intended to be, he becomes central to a frame-up—and finds himself in the center of an international rehashing of some very disgruntled WWII criminal minded people.

Nash has an objective to dispel conspiracy theories, for he is the kind of man we call pragmatic and loathes those who are always looking over their shoulder. Ironically, he becomes the man indubitably looking over his shoulder, and is challenged with a rather unique situation because of a doctor he called annoying and completely mad who had plenty conspirators’ secrets, and who’s demise creates some interesting plot twists and characters around Nash, like the crazy doctor’s daughter. But more intense discoveries occur only AFTER Nash is embroiled in the doctor’s removal.

I am not comfortable telling the entire plot as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who THINKS they can decipher a standard plot from a distance–it’s different here. We’re dealing with highly sensitive hieroglyphics, old evil rearing its murderous head again, intentions for world destruction, ancient biological propensities—and what I’m trying to say is when you get various groups pulling at all sides, something seriously bad is going to happen. Drop in also those who claim God is in the machine—instead of the ghost—and it is far more complicated. It is more like the plan of zombies or aliens, or just plain crazy criminals!
Black Sun is filled with adventure all right, and some jest and some horror, but in all, Black Sun is well worth your reading time. It evokes theoretical thinking, wide imaginative premises, and it won’t let you get away with forgetting it after it’s over. It’s a down and dirty plot, with a hero of an apprehensive aversion for people with negative beliefs in conspiracy, which is why irony works best.
This book will have you thinking more deeply, wondering about peoples’ true agendas, and making you wonder about whether there may be more truth to conspiracy theories than to which you have ever given much thought.
I know it has gotten me.
Pick the book up at your nearest bookstore, and enjoy it on a comfortable evening chair. You’ll never be a happy camper again, but a suspicious citizen who cheers for the accidental hero.


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