Lessons Learned (or not learned), that change your plans

by Lydia Nolan
© Friday, April 18, 2014

There comes a time, I think, in everyone's life, when they suddenly feel like a lightbulb has gone on in their head, and they think to themselves: "I've been here before," or "de'ja'vu!" or "haven't I gone through something like this similar?"

The answer? Yes. The circumstances, the scenario, the place, the time, your age, your environment, all of these things may have changed, but the actual emotional or intellectual awareness of the theme or the thing, some kind of lesson here, THAT is what you sense has happened before.

It's true. I have been circling the same theme for years, but I had not noticed it until last year. Oh, there had been times I got close, and actually thought the original questioning above: "I've been here before..." and so forth. But this last year I really got put through the test, and I think I am, well.... I'm close to, learning the lesson.

I could write a rendition about the very thing I learned, but that isn't important. What is important is that you realize that there is a lesson to be learned in everyone's life, and in fact, there are a multitude of lessons to be learned in everyone's life. Each one comes and goes, like an encircling duck game you try and shoot at, with a fake pistal, at a carnival. This is why we keep divorcing, and end up remarrying the same exact type of person. Or some go through a bankruptcy, and after the slate is clean, they go through another one, a few years down the road: they did not learn their lesson.

The story of Moses in the Bible is a case in point. I will paraphrase the story.

Moses was chosen by God to free the Israelites, from Egypt. The Israelites did not quite trust him, but gosh! It was better than being slaves in Egype, so they went ahead and followed him. Now, the Israelites had already had a history of distrusting God, and because of this, God allowed them to have their way, until they had some kind of folly, and God had to get them out of it. This was no different.

So the Israelites followed Moses, who was chosen by God, to lead the people into the promised land, (a place of bountiful and peaceful living... all metaphorically speaking for us, of course...) ... Anyway, Moses had a direct plan of approach from God as well, but the Israelites started grumbling: "We've been out here too long," or "It's too hot out here," or "I'm sick of this Manna stuff to eat, I want shrimp & steak, or something different..." and it appeared as if they had been going trillions of miles in the desert. In fact, they were going in the same circle, over and over again. Why? because God was STILL trying to teach them something they hadn't learned.... The Israelites simply could not trust God, or someone chosen by God, or themselves and their opinion that they were following God's instruction.... because they were too infested with the lifestyle of the Egyptians already. God had to make them realize that they were NOT Egyptians; they were God's chosen group--God's "team" per se; the group that would be the example of exactly what God wants with the rest of us.

Now. You don't have to be a believer if you don't want to be. You don't even have to believe in God if you don't want to. I happen to be a believer, and I do believe God talks to me in this way. But even if you don't believe a darn thing but yourself and the moment you are living, think about this:

Why does it seem like you keep going through the same dumb thing over and over again? Why don't you figure out how to transcend this one big obstacle in your life? You have, you say? Congratulations! How many times in the "go around" did you have to go through to get to that plateau? Be on the look out for the next evolution...



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