Between the Sheets (of Paper)
by Lydia Nolan

In between these memories of sorrow and regrets, I thought I might give a bit of information, thoughts, and hopefully some fun, too.

So I'll begin with this: don't you ever watch a movie and wonder: does that actor/actress feel idiotic reciting such shallow lines from a poor writer?

Being a writer, I can detect when dialogue is pasty and disjointed, and much of the movie dialogue today have that problem. 

Most writers don't even know how to communicate, let alone create a dialogue that sounds like real communication.. well, most PEOPLE cannot communicate. I have, countless times, discussed something with someone, or a neighbor, or just any bloak on the road of life, and, right to my face the other person will ask something that proves that they never understood what I said, which means now I have to explain again, what it was that I actually meant, and they now have to respond with coherency and coordination of thought. This bleak discussion will take twice as long. 

Communication is so important I even had a dream about it the other night. I dreamt I was teaching a class of elementary children how to understand communication. I even showed them my lesson plan, drew pictures on the board, and made them stand up and walk from one place to another to show how communication travels from one person to another, Oh! It was a crazy dream, indeed, but I still remember it vividly, and that was all of three days ago! (I keep meaning to write down that lesson plan)

Communication has always been very important to me, even as a child. I recall explaining something to my mother, and her merely chuckling or nodding without really responding, as though it wasn't an important piece of information. I would stomp with desperation, sigh with frustration, or cry with dramatic sensation! I wanted so much to be understood by the persons most important to me: my parents. 

I wonder now, if those behaviors I mention above, were not the symptons for one not having enough attention. Or maybe, it's the product of a child who is very needy, and not being recognized as such. 

Suffice to say, there is nothing more satisfying in the world, than to be heard and for someone who understands exactly what you mean, and responds exactly to your words about some topic. It doesn't matter whether they agree or not. What matters is that they understood what it was you were communicating. That is so important, especially--by the way--in a relationship, ANY kind of relationship! It is especially important when it is between two people that are bound by love or marriage... and sometimes room mates, too. 

So listen next time to dialogue in movies, and ask yourself: does that sound real? Could it have been better? And maybe you can jot down a dialogue you think might be able to replace that shoddy dialogue. No wonder our society is having more difficulties in school... no one understands anyone else!


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