Will I Dream?
copywrite Lydia Nolan
July 29, 2014

A classic movie, called "2010"(1984) gave us an elusive, enchanting story about intelligence, and where it comes from, or rather, how it penetrates us all. Yet, the maker of such a movie has an added quality to his or her dreams, which is to be able to create a lasting memorial on others' intelligence, which, if it is successful, enhances and elevates our human evolution.

As a writer, I know it is not simply enough to "publish," for in today's market there is a hoard of published "authors" who are glutting the market, with no apparaent impression on the minds of others, except to entertain them for a period of reading....but...I guess writing stuff to entertain is what it's all about, right? Or is it?

The "classic" penetrates deeper, and only a handful of true WRITERS, know this, and strive for this one creation...that which penetrates the NOW trend and turns into a "classic."

 A classic is a story that transcends time, and employs the power of zeitgeist of the generation in which it is embedded, working its way into the next generation, and the next. It is everlasting, and helps us, whether we realize it or not, to move to a new level of intelligence...I think they call that "evolution."...

I myself, do not want to Write, just to Write, but to write something that compels thought and intelligence to a heightened,  passionate journey, inside every one of us.

The publishing of a book, with content to compel the reader to ponder about a universal theme, or a love greater than the actual words, is a love story beyond the emotional, lustful love, and a gateway into hypersensitive observation of the world around the true Writer and the true Reader... 

If I had one wish, it would be to remove the fodder, (less books, more meaningful narration) and compel the genius of a classic theme...that which lives quietly, secretly within each of us. To enhance us in our way of life, to bring liberty to what troubles us, and to foster the pursuit of true happiness. When we see ourselves in a story, an emotion, a feeling, a characteristic--bad or good--we learn. Yes, and learning can sometimes be painful, which is really the best kind. To learn with a heartfelt understanding creates in us a larger mind and soul, a larger heart for sensitivity. Why would we want anything less?

SAL-9000: Will I dream?
Dr. Chandra: Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.
~2010 (1984).
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