Under New Design

It's been awile since I've written in this blog. I have several blogs you see, and I wanted to redesign this one, but I procrastinated.

I have finally gotten around to redesigning it, and now I can come once again and write about what I'd like to write about on this blog, which has to do with writing of course, but particularly about writing the novel. My other blog is more a creative non-fiction project, and I talk about everything under the sun, and how I deal with it, that one being entitled by my name, www.lydianolan.com .

There are so many different genres a writer chooses to write through, such as short stories, poetry, novels, etc., and so forth. I chose to talk about the novel here, because it is one of the most fascinating writing projects to me. I will be talking not only about the mechanics of novels in general, but I will be analyzing a variety of novels written by famous and not so famous authors in various periods of time.

I hope you will comment and make me feel someone is listening, as it is helpful to hear what others may think about my critiques on certain novels, especially if you can add to it, or if you can pose a different perspective on it.

I began (in yet another blog) with reviewing books, and that is going to happen here as well, but we will be looking more at the way in which the novel itself was structured, by the author, and the technical aspects of the content and context of the novel particularly.

Of course, we will be doing some research on these novels, and we will be citing those particular scholars for support of our opinions.

I hope you will enjoy this new format, and make it a success by your contributions. Thanks for stopping by!


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