Has anyone watched the new show "Lie To Me"?

There is a show on television late night, about a man who can observe people so very carefully that he can tell if they are lying or not. Wish most buyers and sellers had that ability...Oh! But Wait! They do!

Sometimes though, I get the feeling (I can tell when THEY are lying to ME) that they WANT to be lied to. I will tell them that they need to work with one realtor because loyalty breeds exceptionality: if they give all their loyalty to one realtor, they will get the best that realtor has to offer. The realtor will work doubly hard to show them property, research THEIR sellers' properties, go the extra mile, and so forth. If that's me, fine. If someone else, fine too. But don't ask me to do their work. They say, "fine," then proceed to use another realtor and wonder why I'm not working too hard on their side. Now.

When a realtor like myself tells a buyer or a seller something of value, like how they need to be prepared either for the sale or the purchase; how they must have pre-approval and a deposit check for 3% before going into an offer, or short sales take a very long time to complete..., the buyer or seller needs to observe carefully when the realtor is being truthful. When buyer/seller decides realtor is being truthful, buyer/seller must be truthful in return.

There is nothing more rewarding than a mutual trust relationship. It's called Fiduciary Relationship in the realtor's education, and if complete mutual trust doesn't occur, we get a lot of bad vibes going on in the industry. Perhaps everyone KNOWS they're being lied to so no one is doing their best work. Let's be fair. Trust whomever you wish, but once you trust them, don't lie to them.
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