These Fires Give Us Something to Think About...

Recent fires in all areas of Southern California have been disheartening to say the least, and threatening to one’s peace of mind, to say more. We often wonder: 1) just how we will live through such disaster, and, 2) how we will be able to reclaim our losses, if in fact we DO live through such an ordeal. These are normal worries for homeowners with household insurance, but what about those unit owners in a complex community, with HOA (Home Owner’s Associations) involved in structure damage of sorts?

In a natural disaster, fire, or emergent pipe burst, who is supposed to fix the damage, when a home unit owner is faced with the damage: the unit owner or the HOA? Most Unit owner’s admit to being guilty when it comes to even reading thoroughly their CC&Rs, but this is an essential activity if you really want to know how to handle the situation in a devastating event.

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