Celebrate Veterans' Day, and Remember...

I was trying to figure out how to post this beautiful video regarding our soldiers over in Iraq. Some of us may not agree with the politics, or some of us may even be Pacifists (I am). Nonetheless, if we are truly loving beings, we will appreciate what is on this video, because everyone has someone they love, and all the someones in war times, of all times, should be loved, validated, appreciated, and we should all be proud of those who make a decision as they define to help others. I could not go, but they went for me, so in that alone, I do salute and honor them; those who have died, just as Christians may sometimes think; they died for me, too. Honor them, and remember them, and Celebrate them home, when they finally come back, whether in a funeral box, or in person...They deserve at least your thoughts, your prayers, and your memory of each and every one of those brave people who go away from home, so harm will not come home to us.



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