Why do Writers Procrastinate??

As a writer, I would like nothing better than to sit immediately at my desk, in my office, and WRITE!
 I visit my social groups, yes, but then I want to set my mind to its many writing tasks.

Then I remember: without the body, my mind would have no place to conjure its creative monsters and magic, so "you and I, brain, have to work this bodice, if only to the minimal, to keep us alive--hate it! BUT..."

So I go outside, breathe the fresh air, put on my IPod with my many varied artists who go along with me, and begin walking around the one mile trek through my complex. It's safe, it's quiet, and it's measurable. I took 20 minutes to make that effort. Then I went back in.

After my oatmeal and OJ, I am able once again to enter into the write domain, and pursue my work. For the moments prior, I must contemplate what it is I've got to do first....
Sometimes this takes a long time....like....30 years!

Still THINKING??????

Now I've got to make some choices here. I've got a lot of poetry to edit ...for final preparation to seek publishers ....
And then I've got my childrens' book I need to look for a home as well.  And then there is the screenplay, the script, the other novel, more poems, and....  (I had pictures and other things to show you, but I've been on this blog for hours now trying to make the html do what I want it to do, rebooting for freezes, removing unwanted overloaded temp files, and ........................!!!!!!!!!!!!)

..........Being that it's Sunday, I should rather prepare for lunch. We'll have hotdogs and coke (and a little tv) instead....y'think? What d'ya'think??
Okay, okay.....I've procrastinated enough just THINKING about all the projects, and probably could have begun one with 20 minutes into it already..........

... I think I'll start with the poems...
I've got ANOTHER site to present still more of my work, where publishers about my work, can peruse my working titles which are to be perused as works in the making...and: http://www.author-l-nolan-ruiz.com/ and, well.... I will be uploading my poems just as soon as I get some..........uh..... time (ahem...)


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