Situational Drama

Life Should be lived as the way Dogs live it: Dependent upon those around without distrust; Appreciative of those around us without distemper; and, Comfortable with themselves without feeling guilty about lounging or loafing in the presence of others. My doggies, Edison, Chloe and Slim are cases in point.

Whenever I set myself to writing, they do nothing. They simply go upon the bed, watch me a couple of moments, then proceed to take a nap. When I get up from my desk, they all get up, because they think we might eat. They follow me awhile, and when they see nothing is to come of my movements, they all go back to positions of repose. When I finally DO get up to make something to eat for my self AND for them, they happily accept whatever I give them, eat it all up, then proceed toward their repose once more.

Finally, when their moment for depositing necessary waste occurs, one of them (usually the littlest and most ferocious, Edison) will gently stand up next to where I am writing, and paw me gently to let me know that he and his friends "need to go." He trusts that I will take them, and so I do. We walk a bit, they each do "their business" and then they look up at me as though to say, "Are we heading back now?" I pet each one, walk toward the stairs, and we all climb them. Once back in the house, they gladly cuddle up around me as I perhaps watch a movie or read a book, and what do you think they do then? You got it: they go back to lounging, and sometimes fall into deep sleep.

I love the lives of much so, that I keep adding to them! Edison was my first miniature dog, then I "rescued" Chloe from a life of sadness (she's a Yorkie like Edison), and of course Slim was always in the picture since he was sold to me for $30, out of some guy's desperation (and trunk of his car)Slim WAS really "slim" at one time, and very neglected, but now he should be called "Chunky." He is getting very old, but he is the most loving dog you could ever want.

Anyway, these dogs all do the same thing. I have to laugh sometimes, especially when I come down the stairs outside to take them out for all go down the stairs with me, do what they have to do, then they all climb back up with me, and proceed to what they do best...yup: sleep.

I heard on the television the other day, that people who obsess with "saving animals" are displacing their libidos, or lack of libido activity (probably defined by a man's observations). I don't think that is true. I think people who are obsessed with "loving and rescuing" animals (we're talking most about domestic animals), to some degree have displacement issues, yes. But it isn't about sex. They are looking to give away their affection: their hugs, their kisses, their kindness, their committment--and dogs receive very well. If you went into a nursery and gave that kind of affection to kids, you'd be considered a pedifile. Suffice to say, animals--especially dogs--are kosher.

Ahhh! The Lessons in the Lives of Dogs; (my next book). What treasure these animals are, and what they teach us. They trust, they live humbly and easily, and they give so much love in return, just by showing support of you; by being faithful, and good companions. They are pretty quiet for the most part, and they are always ready to give you affection when you need it. I think I would like to get a big farm and fill it with dogs.




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