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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nearly the end of 2009....

Well, we're at the finish line, and I always feel a little sad. Why? Maybe because I haven't realized my dreams yet. And every year that finishes, I know it's another year that I'm closer to my own end without finishing what I've been dreaming about....That's something I carry secretly...

Suffice to say, it's still a celebration. They say, and who's they? Everyone says at one time or another, that the new year is exciting because it feels like a new beginning. Sort of like when I was a little girl, and found God for the first time; understood that there was this wonderful big brother, Jesus who was watching over me, cheering for me to get to the finished line of my own, and make it back home...So, yes! Each year is a celebrative moment in the timeline of eternity...

So I see this once again as an opportunity to "do it right," "do it better," "do it all," "just do it...." And there is no joke to that, though it sounds like it. There is this BIG CLOCK in the sky, the one of which I desire to see go away someday, and all of us who have the same goal in mind as I, will be free of time, and live in eternity having found our way, having finished the race, having met the face of God with no regrets...

I am going to try and leave the sadnesses I experienced in 2009 behind, carry along with me the joys I experienced in 2009, and look forward to 2010, to see what new things I can accomplish toward my goal, and maybe this time, I can say "wow, I got a lot further down the road than I expected," and like my father in Heaven, I will say, "and it was good."

Suffice to say, no BIG THING comes along without one taking care of all the small stuff first, and of course what is BIG to one, is SMALL to another, so we just plug away, looking like a beautiful ant farm to the Lord above, working, hauling, stopping once in a while to chat, loving, moving about, taking care of business..

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, and in fact, life is so precious I wish it would never end...but that is NOT the reality, and this reality doesn't have to be bad, it just has to be played in the best game you have...So, yeah, don't give up folks, keep "taking care of business," and have a wonderful 2010 NEW YEAR....you own personal "do over."

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