The Good Shepard

The movie, "The Good Shepard" was called by many, a boring rendition of the life of a CIA or government agent, (or government cronie, to some). It is so very interesting to me how all of us perceive things differently, which is why we are all so needed in the earth. All of these parts make the whole of humankind. And every one of us may learn more about us, if we only listen to the views, perceptions, and feelings of others about what they observe.

But getting back to the movie, some people learned absolutely nothing from it. I constantly think about movies, and how writers put characters' unique behaviors, as well as the mapping of the plot, all together in hopes of the audience being able to obtain some semblance of insight about the characters, or maybe just for entertainment, but I like to think that anyone who writes about the lives of others would have to have a perception about the character of people specifically, their choices in life, and how things happen to all of us differently or the same, or just happen without our realizing what has happened, so the writer might be saying, "see: this person doesn't even realize what can happen to someone when we're not making the choices for ourselves," or some other idea.

Maybe sometimes, the writer is trying to show us as well how some people just fall into situations, and never really buck any system or make a wave because of something that happened to them. This is what I think is meant to be understood in this movie. The main character had a traumatic event occur as a child, which made him learn to "keep secrets" very well. After that, he becomes a master at keeping everything inside because of this. He is warned that if he doesn't come out from that refuge he could lose his soul. This is brought out a couple times throughout the movie. I think it is all about losing one's self (one's soul) when one does not allow one's self to come out of one's "secret" place. I'm sure that wasn't everything, but I thought about this particular theme, and thought it to be a valid point to bring to mind. What keeps up inside ourselves, and doesn't allow us to "come out" from those secrets? It's a good bit of food for thought...


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