WOW! I spent an hour trying to remember my id/password combo!

There is nothing on the net more cumbersome and antagonizing than not being able to remember your password or username, or both!

IF IT weren't for those THUGS that hack or hijack, or simply criminally invade our own private/public spaces, these web design/developers would not have to make it soooooo hard to fix it!

Okay, that isn't what this blog is about, but I just HAD to stand on my soapbox and complain after all that time I wasted....but the positive thing is: I FINALLY HAVE IT, AND THANK GOODNESS, I'M BACK! Or, as Whoopi exclaimed in her characterization of a depressed and oppressed wife of a depressed and oppressed man: THANK G-D, I'M HEA!" (The Color Purple, Ceely, finally leaving the torture house of her youth)

But I regress.....NOW: back to business. Yes, blogging IS a business. Why do I say that? Don't tell me one just wants to 'journal' online, to gush thoughts out (in public?) No. That isn't it. Do we simply like to think on paper, so we can watch the words as they materialize? No; we could do that on our own private Word software. That isn't it, either. Are we creating ART for the sake of Art? No. That isn't it, EITHER.

Two things: One is implication, the other is installation. Let's begin with the easiest, first: Implication.

If someone tells us not to tell anyone, but proceeds to tell us something anyway; whether benign or outrageous, and also KNOWS the kind of person (most likely a blabber mouth) they are telling this secret to, and then states adamantly that they do not want that person to tell anyone...well, the person who is doing the telling either has a problem with intelligent rationalization, or has some intentional purpose motivating them to get it out there, do you agree?

They KNOW their dirty little secret will be told throughout kingdom come and they know that YOU--blabber mouth-- know it as well! Yet, they continue while the blabber mouth listens intently with all the itching desire to disseminate the information that the blabber mouth contains...The story WILL get out: rest, assured.

The implication here is that the person who is devulging a secret or some sort of informtion, WANTS to tell it out, give it to the wider community of itching ears, or needs to release it from their own secret place: their mind, heart, or wherever...It implies that the tellor must tell, and the telling is a catharsistic activity: "there: it is done, it is out, and I am free of it!"

There is, on the other hand, another reason for blogging, and that is INSTALLATION. This is the subject by which we professional bloggers work, and for which we exist at all. There is something that makes all of us who we are, or rather, there are a myriad of things and experiences, and people...who make us who we are. Some of us journal, some of us talk to others, some of us create art, stories, songs; some of us do ALL these things, and blog too! Some of us even get paid for blogging, because publishers find the persona fits a need they have.

What we do in blogging is install an integral part of our society's zeitgeist. What is zeitgeist, you ask?

Zeitgeist:  "the spirit of the times" or "the spirit of the age." [1] Zeitgeist is the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambience, morals, sociocultural direction or mood of an era.

We as bloggers, whether professional or amateur, are installing a piece, or fragment of the whole of our MOMENT in time...into the greater MOMENT of our cultural, intellectual, and even perhaps spiritual heartbeat of our time.

Historians read essays, literature, treatises of a period in time, to analyze what was happening then, and comparing it for the most part, to some event or pulse of the present societal needs, interests, and so forth.

Blogging is a segment of what is called the Popular Culture, and it fits very neatly into the package of our postmodern society of popular technical dissemination: it meets the masses head-on, quickly, easily, and directly. It is INSTALLED into the reference manual of our present moment in time.

My purpose is this last explanation. I do not want to merely share my personal life or add some insult to someone so that everyone can I want to contribute my take on the now; I want to offer a singular perspective on the various components of our society, its workings, its content, and its context for each component that may hold interest to some or all those who tune into blogs, to read, to gather information for, or to merely digest and help get them through varied situations in life.

We are a coherent group of human beings, whether we like to think of ourselves as running with the pack, or not: we are here in life, alive, and experiencing it, all together, moving toward the same destination from life--death. And in between those two markers, our own history is made, and we explore, are enveloped by, and retrieve our own understanding and purpose of our consciousness within those two parameters....This makes us alive, and sense that wonderful feeling we call living.

So the blogger records it for posterity: for historians, theologians, publishers, rocket riders, cave dwellers....whomever may wish to learn about us in the NOW of our MOMENT in Time.

It may seem like sometimes I go off into tangents that seem only particular to my life. But somewhere out there, someone is feeling the same thing, and may not have a hold on what it is they are feeling. Maybe my words help someone else define their vague understanding of something, or an abstract theme will be addressed and may be analyzed in terms of others' experience with the same type of theme.

Blogging is a very significant part in our society today, don't you believe it is not. Do not minimize the validity of it. I Did at first, when I discovered it. And I read many others who did the same. But then, I began to read them, and found the wealth of minds, hearts, and souls delineate aspects of our humanness, and who bravely put their hearts, minds and souls out there for display and human consumption--to the masses; to enhance perhaps our culture and society, and hopefully make us all the more enhanced creatures. Blogging is a Blast! And when YOU--dear blogger--consider what you do as insignificant, don't! We are as important to our time in life, as the rocket scientist, the celebrity, and the athlete or author, or anesthesiologist, because without all these perspectives, we would not realize how awesomely limitless is our beings....YOU are Special, Blogger, and don't you forget it!

Love, Lydia


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