Michael Jackson - Thriller

I know I'm going to see theThriller video on tv this week, as well as hear the song, by Michael Jackson, on the radio this week, also. It's the week before Holloween, and it is fairly big in other parts as well as the U.S., and furthermore, it is fun to many people, because they have parties, dress crazy, spook kids with weird and fantastic items on porches and yards, and carve pumpkins and light jack-o-lanterns, and so forth.

Really, what I like about this holiday is that it rings in the fall season, and gets me into the frame of mind for winter fesitivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when we get to see those we love, and eat together, laugh, talk, watch movies, and just spend time with those we love.

I'm finding though, that more and more, the idea of "the holidays" phase me less and less. For example, I used to love Thanksgiving because it heralded in the "Christmas" holiday: shopping, planning for festivities, and seeing those I love again during the Christmas season. Now I don't do all that, as I did before.

I lament the fact that so many people are ruining the particular meaning of Christmas with their negativity about their void of God, and believing in good and eternal values, but would rather train their children that God is dead, and there is nothing else to live for--no heaven or hell--and that all that matters is to take as much as you can; to use as much money as you can , and don't worry about the next guy or generation; just look out for number one...completely opposite of how I was raised: watch for your weaker brother; be kind to all people, and courteous in general; give of yourself, and only take what you need, leaving for those who don't know how to obtain what they need. It's hard not to feel depressed during these holiday seasons.

The media likes to portray that people are lonely because they are either homeless or have no relatives, or money to have fun, or haven't got a fancy car or clothes to be involved with important people, and such. I don't think that is completely true. I think there is a very lonely feeling in the air, altogether, because the values we used to have in this country are no longer valued. Everyone lives in a solitude; no one is supposed to be sad or negative, or they will be ostracized, so if you have problems, don't share them because you are in the outside looking in. Without being in the right group, or having the right toys, or having the right appearance, one is at a loss to believe and cannot hope that it is enought to believe in those things that depict those values, such as courtesy, kindness, longsuffering, loyalty, authentic consideration, and just giving of one's true self without any other motive than sharing one's self with others. Which brings me to a special kind of distress: the internet.

In my opinion the social internet forum is a scene for disaster to many souls. The use of the word social is a farce. Because of the unique quality of being able to hide behind the computer screen, people do evil things, like lie, cheat, rape, kill, and betray online, because they can. Of course, there are some good stories of people meeting and actually finding happiness, and for those who find work, or do research that is another issue altogether. But I'm talking about the need to connect to someone intimately. The majority isn't spoken of, but the majority of these meetings is not so wonderful. I wish there was some kind of way that no email or social writing would be secretive, but everyone was exposed and no one could hide behind a screen name, and an avatar. This is the worst masquerade for evil-doers ever invented; it is truly the beast spoken of in the Bible. But of course, prophecy in the Bible is benign to those who don't believe in God, anyway.

So what else is there, money, parties, booze, sex, drugs, lies, and betrayal? Yes? Oh, the rich do some fine festivities, for their parties can be absolutely entertaining and enchanting, but the regular folks that try to hold on to their values as much as possible, though they see no more wonderful stories of goodness, and redemptive characters because of the lack of belief in the true nature of the holiday, keep trying to hold on, and that makes it a lonely world for them.

Actually, too: TV is boring during the holidays because they keep putting on stupid movies like that kid that keeps being told, "it'll put out your eye." I can't even remember the name of the dumb movie OR the kid. Great holiday image--poking your eye out. And we supposedly get a good movie, which is "It's a Wonderful Life," but that is the ONLY one we see over and over again, because it talks about good values like trust and friendship, but without any true depth. No one makes new movies that depict the true meaning of Christmas in the modern day, and how the qualities that Jesus Christ spoke of can be seen in every day terms. And if there is a movie that depicts anything even remotely close to such illusions, it may last for one  season, and we never see it again. I'm still wanting to see that movie, where Ed Asner's character is dying of cancer and comes back to make amends with his family: redemptive; the concept of forgiveness and redemption. Beautiful film. Never saw it but once, though I keep looking for it....

I think we should boycott television for the holidays. Maybe we should boycott social networks as well. No one should participate in these activities at all. Everyone should go out and look for opportunities to reveal true and loving values and beliefs; "true activities of the meaning of Christmas".... for it's the only time now, anyone is even allowed to do or say ANYthing that alludes to Jesus Christ, since everywhere God is not allowed to enter into the forum of humanity, except during this holiday for some. Soon it will be outlawed during this holiday as well, as they are even changing the name from Christmas (the mass of Christ the Messiah), to Season's Greetings...No more about Jesus Christ....

How does one find joy during these times of Holiday cheer? Somehow we must not let go of it. Somehow, we must find ways to preserve our values, our beliefs, our true vision and the hope that lives within us. But most of all, we should not allow ourselves to buy into the forced hatred and negativity of those who have no other belief system than their almighty dollar, and their orgy-like mentality.

Family values are precious; don't let anyone make you feel embarrassed about that concept, though the traditional idea of family is being attacked as well. We need to bring it all back to the table, and keep it close in our hearts. I once made a little card on Christmas that went like this: God is Love, and Love was Born on Christmas Day. I'm not talking about a physical truth, that Jesus was born on a specific day in December. I am talking about the concept that God wanted us to learn: the concept of redemption and return to our original state of perfection through our acceptance of the sacrifice. That an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniconscience maker of humanity could demean himself to become a limited body of flesh just to identify with us humans is the real miracle.

Oh, Christmas, where are you...? is a line in the song that was from the "Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe" story by C.S. Lewis, inspired to be written by the singing group, The 2nd Chapter of Acts, and the entire album, The Roar of Love, which is a great album for the holidays. This holiday, change your view of the "Christmas" holiday and see how it will change your view of life and loneliness: find the album, buy it, try and understand the real meaning of Christmas.


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