The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart -..Jimmy Durante & Frank Sinatra.

When I was a little girl, I used to watch TV a lot. One of the shows in the 50s was a show called the Jimmy Durante Show. I was so little I never knew exactly what the guy was talking about, he just made me laugh with his antics, and his voice was raspy, and he had a gigantic nose! (his trademark WAS his nose!)

So, I found this clip recently, and I thought about this cute little skit. Here Jimmy Durante was introducing a very great voice: Frank Sinatra. But his message was so meaningful, I realize now the validity of it:

It doesn't matter what we do in life, the 'song' can be anything we do. BUT! It HAS to "come from the HEART." I loved this fella, he was something back then. And I would love to see someone follow his act today. He wasn't good-looking, he had a really raspy voice--not at all attractive, but the man had HEART. He was a talented pianist, singer, comedian, and showman, as well as a great host for his show. He never let his looks affect him. How did he make it so BIG in showbusiness? He really did have heart...

I'd like to think I could someday have as much heart as this guy. I used to sing, but I had a problem with shyness, so I gave it up. People used to tell me, "You have a beautiful voice, you should be a professional singer," and I'd say, "yes, I'm going to do that someday..." but I just didn't have heart.

Now, I'm nearly retired, and I remember this guy, Jimmy Durante. I write. Why can't I have heart now? There is no question it takes a special kind of Heart to want to give of one's self, whether it's singing, writing, dancing, cleaning garbage cans, washing windows, or making the rounds as a physician. It doesn't matter. People need to know that whatever you give, it comes from your HEART. THAT is when your BIG giving will make its way to those who need to get it.

I miss Jimmy Durante, but thank God for the heart of those who save old films. THEIR heart kept him alive today. THEIR heart makes sure HE keeps giving. I want to give my heart to everyone, too. Do you?


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