A Change in Venue

You are Here. You WERE at the Drop of Reign (pun intended) I had power over; just one drop in the vast sea of souls.

But now, I have intended to make a change. You are Here, now, at the embarkment of a new journey. The making of a novelist. Myself.

I will explain my blow by blow into this realm of newfound and foreign activity. I have been writing for years, but never a novel. Though I thought much about it, I had never had the guts or the patience to see it through.

You will be my confidante and my supporter, those of you who wish to journey with me through this new experience. It's a new year, therefore, a new journey. Take it with me.

This year I plan to finish what I've started years ago. I have a new series coming up, beginning with the first novel. Prior to this, I had a life novel: my rendition of the Great American Novel. I need to finish this one as well. I realized something very significant that made me do this change in venue.

Had I finished long ago, my desire to write these stories, I would have been a renowned author--I am sure--by now. Novels have to have meaning to readers. I think mine will. I believe in me, and in the readers that will benefit from my stories. Hence, the change in venue.

No more simple little drops of thoughts on the Reign of Life. Now, these thoughts will be positioned into an applicatory work of art that will explicate a philosophy of life--mine.

Hold on, and if you dare, or care, keep tuning in. You will not be disappointed. Now. I must get to work--for--you--my dearest reader.


  1. Elle, I am looking forward to the inclusion of the love of animals in your writngs.
    Your friend,

  2. My friend, you are! Thanks for your comment. I hope I can accommodate you on that topic. My first novel is a thriller that will emphasize abnormal psychological issues, though, with only bits of love for animals OR people. But my childrens' book has definitely got the animal flavor in it! I'm going to work on it!


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