The meaning of good weather....

Good weather coming.... A statement like that can mean anything to any number of people. It could mean that 1) someone is expecting sunshine, or 2) literally: good weather. It could mean that 3) someone is thinking about going fishing. It could mean that 4) the political climate is favorable to one side more than another. It could mean that 5) someone gets to go out for a change, rather than staying inside. It could mean so many things. The one constant is that is surely means a crescendo into something of value to someone.

For me, good weather coming means that I am having a rainfall of ideas, creativity, and motivation. This morning was one of those weather reports: good weather coming. I use the present progressive tense for a reason. Whenever we say that good weather is here, it means it is quickly relegated into the past. But when something is coming, it remains in movement, like a crusade of horses, stomping the earth, begging to be heard, in a stampede...and the moment rises as a climactic event. This is exactly what I mean when I use "good weather coming" to depict the crescendo of ideas, creativity, and motivation that I feel coming through me--and it is to be reckoned with! The longer it is coming, the greater the rainfall of ideas, creativity, and motivation. Now, let me give you my example of this morning.

I awoke early: 4:57, to be exact. I knew the two little Yorkie pups had to go out and do their business, but usually I pretend to be asleep and let the mister do it. Only this time, I couldn't go back to sleep, I really am not quite sure why....just a vague feeling of something stirring. So as soon as he left I went ahead and took them out. I came back in and  I proceeded to pour a cup of coffee after he had gone. I simply could not go back to sleep! Normally, the man in my house leaves about 7am. Today he had to leave early, which is why I awoke so early: his alarm had no mercy on me!

At about 6:00 am, after having sat outside trying to decipher a book on the Seasonal Planting of Trees, Shrubs, and Flora, I acquired an urge to go inside and turn on my computer. 

Only moments later, a myriad of love notes and arguments on the text, and tears, I found myself experiencing this rainfall; this weather coming; the rainfall of ideas, creativity, and motivation.

When this weather warning comes over a writer, it is imperative that he/she does NOT leave the moment. Instead, use the moment to accomplish as much work, acquire as much focus on the value and potential of your work as possible. Ideas will come in droves: write each one down in a 5X7 card, and place it into your index box, soon to return to them as soon as you finish the next set. Creativity is the next set, and it comes in all sorts of forms: do not ignore any of them. Whether it is to memorize a list of poems for presentation, write and FINISH a project, or sing or play an instrument--DO IT NOW! Any one of those creative thoughts, feelings, behaviors can turn into something great and them all!!! And finally, motivation. Do NOT diminish this at all. You must not allow any Dead zone to come between you and your movement and active results. If you have to, turn off the phone, or don't answer it. Don't answer the front door either. Don't allow anyone to convince you that you need to go out and have lunch, or a drink coffee, or help them shop. Your in the middle of good weather coming, and the reward is the recognition for your weather rainfall, in the means of money, position, an opportunity you had not before this, or anything that you have been wanting to accomplish. It is through these rainfalls, that your dreams come true. Because dreams aren't dreams so that you can continue to pine for them. Dreams are meant to come true. And deliberate action makes that happen.

Remember, no matter who it is, tell them: I can't right now, some good weather is coming... They're on a "need to know basis," and they don't need to know what's up, just hang up, close the door, turn off the alarms, and go through the weather. 

I'm going back now, because the weather is still blowing south, where I am, and it's good weather indeed...a long time-a comin!


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