What's Your Sign?

        What's your Sign? 

Horoscope signs became a popular pastime of the 60s under the tutelage  of the Hippies' Movement: anti-war protest, flowers as symbolic of natural life, and signposts like: Make love not war. Of course, there were other things, like drugs, sex, and folk music as well, but those are not our interest at present. Why? The horoscope is depicted in words that feed an emotional need in us, which is why we read.

The twelve signs of the horoscope gave people a way to share intimacy with others; a way to reveal who they were in a holistic fashion of self-expression. It gave a man or woman segue into one’s soul; a way in which one could intimate: Look, here, this is pretty much how I am, who I am, and what I think about things and people, and by knowing this about me, you can decide if you want to know me better.
The horoscope was like putting a label on a package, only the label was placed on a person, like this: Geminis are moody and vascillate between two distinct personalities; Virgos are perfectionists, Leos are courageous, extrovert, and gregarious; Scorpios are sensuous souls....

Today, we use the horoscope less openly, however, we are still trying to find ways to define ourselves in public ways. Facebook must have sensed this, because its strongest attraction is the public wall, where people can post quotes, art, music, and ideas of their own, which creates a podium of public persona for each person who wishes to be known.

The purpose of my bringing this all up is not that I wanted to expose the intimate side of horoscopes, but in fact, I wanted to pose a theory about blogs.

Blogs are pretty much the same thing. Blogs are an extension of someone or some organization, or some kind of needed personal or professional exposure.

My blog, for example began as a way of showing others what WRITERS go through in the course of a writing, in a day, a week, a lifetime. I did this because I defined myself in this way: as a writer: one who writes publicly to entertain, persuade, or inform about certain matters of the heart, mind, or public sphere. I decide to expound on this premise of who I am. I’m changing my site to TEACHER.
I am STILL a writer, however, but teaching is my professional position at present, (until I accomplish that successful "American Novel" aspiration I have.) Until my successful debut as an accomplished author, therefore, I have this profession, and while I still will post about writing, I will lean more toward lending help to students as a teacher of English and a Researcher of British and American literature, (after all, I get my ideas by these areas of study as well...)
I hope my followers today will still read my blog, finding it fun and adventurous at times. You may just find more about writing than you think, because teachers TEACH writing to their students as well as writing for fun and adventure.... 

So now you know: what’s my sign? I’m an educator, teacher, writer, and Researcher, and all out fun kinda gal!    

   I’ll be changing my “label” from Writer to TEACHER, but as with horoscopes, there are a myriad of traits that encompass my LABEL, so don't give up on me! I hope you like what future adventures I plan on having with me you will have.


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