MERRY CHRISTMAS, and that's ALL I have to say about it...

I have come to accept that I am powerless to make any change in the fabric of society, as I watch with amazement the rapid change in people's affections toward one another by virtue of each's separate views. From our simply having different opinions, religious practices, spiritual beliefs, and other various political and ethical activities, this will determine one's fate, and it is determined by whichever community is in greater power, of which a person is made part at that moment...

I am astounded in seeing that no man or woman seems to believe that they each and every one, have a part in the human condition in which we all share before, now, and in the future. It has been my opinion by experience and research in history, that: No one is better or worse, but God can choose who God will favor at any time in history, for some greater purpose as time goes on...whether it is for personal or social insight or revelation.

Certain sad realities continue to plague the joy that could be all of ours: 1) As soon as one human, group, or corporation, reaches a level of comfort, greed is not far behind, 2) One cannot see the misery of others unless one is plummeted in the same misery, 3) Human beings never want to take responsibility for their part, because they are privy only to parts of themselves they like, and anything unlikable is simply denied and blamed on someone else, 4) human beings do not have any idea what love really means; they say they love each other all the time, but put one person in a position of self-sacrifice to their own comfort boundaries, and you will see how much they really love. Finally, 5) human beings are self-seeking, cruel and back-biting, if you give them the chance to prove it.
C.S. Lewis said it best when he said something like: Pain is the megaphone by which God shouts to us. This is why people become their best in catastrophic events, because they realize they are not so powerful, and we all need each other. C.S. Lewis also said that We love to know that we are not alone. This is also the time when we are at our best.

There was a certain incident on Facebook that, for a number of days past, caused me to bring this post to fruition. There were hurtful people that could not accept in what I believe, and the integrity in my beliefs with which I live. For better or not, I still have affection for those who have decided I am not worthy to be their friend any longer, merely for those beliefs I hold, nonetheless, I always hope only the best for all of us, and I truly do wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS... 

I made a quote of my own on a Christmas card:

God is Love, and Love was born on Christmas Day
This is truly 
The Reason for the Season.
 That Jesus was born to be a sacrifice of love from the spiritual father, through a fleshly son, to us. We needed help then, and still do all the time; and God sent us help wrapped in a tiny baby in a manger, who would grow up to be love for us, so that we could relate to God, as God related to us.

Christmas doesn't have to be a particular day on the Calendar; it just needs to be understood as to what it truly stands for. Not presents, or family soirees, or great food, although all of those things are added attractions. But it was and is the day that true Love was exposed to every soul in the form of laying down one's life for his or her human neighbor; it was the first time we really saw someone who had a whole different take on how to deal with hatred and death, and all the ugly things in the human condition. Christ must be understood in the word Christ-mas, or it will cease to be anything at all, but more hedonism in our already taxed human self-contentedness.

May God make himself (or herself, however you want to pose it) REAL, on Christ-mas.


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