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When I started this blog, frankly, I had no idea why I was starting it. I know that people like to chat about things, sort of like a journal, so I guess that is why I started this....subconsciously...

And then I started another one that reflected a purpose more clearly; that of a profession in editing, which is my aspiration since I received my master's degree...I LOVE words, I love to assess their goals through the author's intention, and I love helping someone who hasn't quite clarified their intentions, to get their message across clear as crystal.

So I started this one. Each of my blog "spots" are usually quite long, so I thought perhaps I can share a short, or flash info

Regarding the editorship, I hope some of you will go there and see what it is I am about professionally, and judge my capabilities by my style of writing, and the content of my topics or mindset through my blog posts. If it interests you, please feel free to enter the virtual room, and stay awhile. If you follow me, make yourself known:

Lydia Nolan-Ruiz, MAed., English


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