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Is it ridiculous to revisit and reanalyze one's own novel, once the manuscript is finished, and before it goes to an editor?Many great novelists had done just that: re-edit their own manuscripts multiple times before sending it to the editor of their choice. These writers may have a whole re-editing ritual, which may encompass a number of re-edits from one to twenty-one, or more! Whenever some writers finish a manuscript, they may decide to let alone the manuscript for days or so, think about their ideas, analyzing theme, characterization, subplots, which may or may not support the main plot. That is, Writers spend a great deal doing  analysis and criticism on their own works. Why? Because most Writers are aesthetes, idealists, and perfectionists.But what about editing, is it better to edit your own novel multiple times? Or is it just a ploy to procrastinate getting that work onto a professional editor, who will take it apart and clean it up, anyway?Further, should a writer veer f…

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