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Short Stories, Poetry & Novellas, vs. Novels

I know of no other way to write but to do so. However, if one considers oneself unable to make meaning from anything, which is to say that one has no frame of reference whatsoever, there is still hope. One can always write about the nothingness of existence. Perhaps a poem about the emptiness of life and meaning, or even about writing in itself about having nothing to say or to say something, about which one has no frame of reference.

It is also possible to write about one's observations if one feels the mind has nothing to offer. If we cannot surmise a meaning from our lives, why can we not surmise a meaning from other people's lives? In this way, a short story can serve very well. It is very much similar to watching a television show with the sound off, thereby speaking for the characters according to their gestures and facial expressions. Short stories are something like that.

And then, there is the novella, which can be likened to a practice marathon race, where one works o…

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