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Becoming an Author
© Lydia Nolan April 11, 2019

When people retire, the action may have been brought upon them by way of either a crisis in their life, or they are between jobs through no choice of their own, or they have put in simply the allotted years of the routine. Some people who actually retire from a long-consistent grind note that it wasn't until the end of that grind that they could begin to freely think, focus, and finally become a published author.

I think about tales I’ve heard, dramatic and glamorous, but only auspicious after the fact—after one has passed through the fire and into the cool of the still waters—and then and only then, the journey was elevating and magical. But the truth is, the road to authorship is a hard road indeed. Think about what Robert Frost, our famous American poet wrote metaphorically in one of the most well-known of his poems, “Woods on a Snowy Evening” 
                        The woods are lovely, dark and deep,                          But I h…

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